Sebile Stick Shad 182 Float

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Built to replicate a wide-range of baitfish species, the Sebile Stick Shadd delivers universal attraction that is capable of pulling double-duty in freshwater and saltwater. Designed with a precisely shaped oval profile, the Sebile Stick Shadd features an understated keel along the belly, which gives the bait a responsive and erratic action with each twitch of the rod tip. 

Extremely stable in all conditions, the Sebile Stick Shadd remains horizontal in turbulent waters, breakers, and even calm conditions, helping to deliver an injured baitfish imitation that is unlike anything else on the market. Cosmetically reengineered and fitted with improved hardware for bolstered durability, the Sebile Stick Shadd delivers one-of-a-kind attraction that will keep a bend in your rod, whether you’re fishing freshwater or saltwater.