Tactical Angler 4oz Bomb Popper Gold & Yellow

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Tactical Anglers BombPOPPER (5 1/2", 4 oz)

Tactical Anglers BombPOPPER SMART LURES have undergone extensive testing to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

SMART LURES Critical Fish Catching Attributes:

 •  Large Recessed Diamond Eyes are lifelike and provide maximum light reflection

 •  Durable Plastic Mold for consistency and durability

 •  Through Wire for extra strength

 •  Thick heavy clear coating for durability and extra shine

 •  Internal Rattling Chambers for added fish attracting noise

 •  Weight Distribution System for distance casting and balance

 •  Vibrating Exterior System - side gills are reversed to disperse vibration (patent pending)

Available Patterns: Ghost, Gold and Yellow, Chartreuse and White, Black and Purple, Olive and Turquoise, Menhaden, & Hot Mullet (NEW)!